Maggie Mae/Ntive Flora/Gracie Martin/The Flores

P H Â R M Â C Y, 1300 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Come out and celebrate National Asteroid Day with some bright and shining stars 🌟 Only $8!

Maggie Mae “Genre- fluid multi-instrumentalist described as poppy, polished, talented, and promising by The Key's John Vettese.”


Gracie Martin and The So Beautifuls “A dreamy alternative folk landscape that packs a feminist punch.”


Ntive Flora “Gutsy indie soul delivering witty lyrics and soulful crooning. As refreshing as lemonade with a shot of vodka.”


The Flores “A feel good family band from Queens who draw influences from The Doors to Jimi Hendrix to Bob Marley. Nothing but good vibes!”